How does dual enrollment work?

Dual enrollment programs allow students to take college classes while they are still enrolled in high school. These classes count for both high school and college credit. High school students who complete dual enrollment may need to take fewer classes in college due to earning transferable college credit.

Currently, Richton High School has dual enrollment classes in connection to Jones College and/or William Carey University.

The following dual enrollment classes may be available at Richton High School and are considered advanced courses:

–English Composition 1

–College Algebra

–English Composition II

–World Literature


–and, other choices possibly available.

Additional Accelerated Courses:

The following courses may be available that are not dual enrollment:

–Anatomy & Physiology (A&P)

–Chemistry I

–Accelerated Allied Health I

–Accelerated Allied Health II

–Accelerated Microbiology

–Accelerated English II

–Accelerated English III

–Accelerated Genetics

SEE the Richton High School Handbook for information on:

–Star Student

–Hall of Fame

–Mississippi Scholars

and, other determinations of honors