A comprehensive needs assessment is a process that is used to identify needs and performance challenges in a school or district as well as set priorities for future action. Schools and districts should use the comprehensive needs assessment to inform improvement planning and budgeting.
The comprehensive needs assessment will also provide the school district and schools with a clear view of strengths, areas for improvement, challenges, and successes.

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Program Evaluation for Gifted Programming:

Each year, the Richton School District evaluates the Gifted Program effectiveness.  This is completed through the Comprehensive Needs Assessment which solicits input from all stakeholders including parents, students, teachers, and the community.

In Spring of 2023, the Comprehensive Needs Assessment received input with the following results:

–Overall, the strengths identified in the gifted program include:  instructional activities, high quality, needs of gifted, and class acceleration.

–Overall, the weaknesses of the gifted program are:  identification of students, visual arts, and music.

Therefore, goals for the gifted program improvement may include expanding the visual arts, music, and career exploration components for the students.  This is also in addition to the fact that resources are limited in these areas through the middle and high schools as students advance through the grades.