Science Fair

We are excited to announce our Annual Richton Elementary School Science Fair for grades 3-6. The Science Fair will take place in Late Februay 2015 but preparations have already started.  All students were given science fair packets in October 2014. The project has been broken down into several small parts which will be due weekly and graded. The students will work on them in class during their free time as well as the computer lab during their activity time if needed. In addition to this, we encourage all parents to work with their child as much as possible at home. This should be a fun and creative  learning experience for you and your child. If your child has lost or you need another packet, please stop by the Elementary Office to pick up another one. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Richton Elementary at 601-788-6975.

Important Reminders!

Year Book Pictures

If anyone is interested in submitting pictures that may be used in the yearbook please click here. Please create an account and choose Richton Elementary or Richton High School for submisison. There is also an app available that may be used for your convience.

2013-14 Yearbooks

Yearbooks from last school year are still for sale at the reduced price of $40. 2014-15 Yearbook pre-orders start in November. For more information please see Mrs. Venessa Cooley or call the High School library at 601-788-6803.

Senate Bill 2571

The Mississippi House of Representatives and the Senate voted today to repeal a provision in Senate Bill 2571 that would have changed the compulsory school age date from Sept. 1 to Aug. 1. Based on today’s vote, the Sept. 1 date will remain in effect. The bill is on its way to the governor’s office. The legislation will be effective from and after passage.

Common Core Parent Information

We are asking for all parents to please visit the MDE website (click here) for ideas on what to expect for next year’s common core student needs. It provides helpful information about common core and gives grade by grade information for English/Language Arts as well as Math. There are also videos to watch on the MDE college and career standards web page.

Parents Campaign

News from The Parents’ Campaign

Do you want to receive important news about education legislation, especially new policies that will affect the way you are allowed to teach and lead your classroom? Click on the link below to visit The Parents’ Campaign’s web site and sign up to get personalized emails sent directly to your inbox from Nancy Loome at The Parents’ Campaign.

More Information:

 Mississippi Ranks 13th in Achievement Growth

A recent Harvard study ranked Mississippi 13th in the nation in improvement in student achievement. The study found that Mississippi’s national test scores improved at an annual rate of 2.54% compared to the U.S. average of 1.6%.

Top-performing countries have improved even more rapidly. See what they do that we don’t and how we can achieve similar results.

Final status of education bills The Parents’ Campaign followed in the 2013 session:

2013 Legislation

Learn A Test

The Mississippi Library Commission website has many practice tests available including ACT, GRE, and others. These practice tests are free of charge and covers all sections of the tests.  The tests are located at:


Visitors on Campus


Visitors must be approved by administration before being given a visitor pass to wear while on campus. Anyone who fails to comply with this policy is subject to being reported to local law enforcement authorities. NO teacher will allow you to enter his/her classroom to speak to a student without a pass. Students from other schools will not be allowed to visit our classes. When parents/guardians go to school to check out their children, they will have to wait in the office; they will not be permitted to visit the child’s classroom or hallway. No visitors will be permitted in school hallways unless teachers on that hallway are notified in advance by the school secretary.

PLEASE FOLLOW THIS POLICY. We must make every effort to enforce this rule.  It is the responsibility of this school to protect you children, so we must have your full cooperation in this matter.