GATOR:  Gifted and Talented of Richton

Gifted Studies for Grades 2 – 6

Gifted Contact: Felicia McCardle

Gifted Instructor: Megan Walley

701 Elm St., Richton MS  39476

Mission Statement of Gifted Programming:

The mission of the Richton School District program for intellectually gifted is to provide a qualitatively, differentiated curriculum through in-depth enrichment and extension of core curriculum in order to develop and maintain our students’ commitment to the love of learning as a life-long process.

 Goals and Outcomes

Richton School District Gifted Program Information:

–District Policy on Gifted Instruction

–Gifted Instructional Management Program

 Gifted Instructional Management Plan-17-18

–Richton Elementary Student Handbook

–Richton Handbook for Grades 7 – 12

Richton School District Gifted Referral Process:

District Policy on Gifted Instruction

–Gifted Program Proposal

Mississippi Department of Education Advanced Learning and Gifted Programs:

Learning and Gifted Programs

–Gifted Regulations for Mississippi 2006

–Gifted Regulations for Mississippi 2013

–Gifted Standards for Mississippi 2013

MAGC—Mississippi Association for Gifted Children:

–Resources for Teachers

–Resources for Parents

NAGC—National Association for Gifted Children

–Resources for Teachers

–Resources for Parents