It is the responsibility of parents and students to familiarize themselves with this Student Handbook which is approved by the Richton School Board and which includes official district policies with which you should be acquainted. This handbook takes effect with the 2022-2023 school year and supersedes all other handbooks.

The handbook has been prepared by the staff of the Richton School District as a guideline to procedures, policies, and practices governing the operation of our schools and the behavior of our students. It is not intended to be a comprehensive set of rules, but it does set forth the philosophy that the school environment is critical to effective teaching and learning.

Therefore, this handbook is designed to assist us in creating a proper atmosphere for learning. By registration of your child/children or any student, all parents, legal guardians, and students do hereby consent to and agree to obey and follow rules and regulations contained in this handbook .

The Richton School District Board of Education and the Administration of Richton Schools reserve the right to amend any part of this handbook at any interval in the school year when the need arises.