Special Education

Special Education serves children ages 3-21 in a continuum of services at each grade level and school. Services include inclusion, tutorial, resource, self contained, community-based programs, district severe profound program, day treatment classes/programs, behavior classes, developmentally delayed preschool program, multi-disabled class, developmentally delayed K-2 classes, and homebound services.

Section 504 plans are offered to eligible students.

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Special Education Project 2014-2015

Executive Summary and Data Review SY 2014-2015


The MSU ACCESS program is an inclusive and comprehensive plan to promote the successful transition of students with intellectual disabilities into higher education. These students have a desire to continue academic, career and technical, and independent living instruction in order to prepare for gainful employment. The program includes an advising and curriculum structure; and requires students with intellectual disabilities to participate on not less than a halftime basis with nondisabled students in (1) regular enrollment in credit-bearing courses, (2) auditing or participating in courses for which the student does not receive regular academic credit, (3) enrollment in noncredit-bearing, non-degree courses, or (4) participation in internships or work-based training.


Parent Groups

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