Beginning Monday, March 30th, your child’s work will be available for you to pick up. To get a paper copy of your child’s work, please come to the school auditorium between 8:00 and 3:00 on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Enter through the front doors of the auditorium and please sign in for us, if you don’t mind. You will find the packets for grades K through 8 on your left-hand side (in front of the stage) and grades 9 through 12 directly against the back wall opposite the entrance. The packets contain everything that we hope our students will work on for the week of March 30th through April 3rd. Each week, we will issue another packet for a new week of material.

If you are not able to come to the school, please use the links below, where you will find many of the packets uploaded as PDF documents for your convenience. You will also find links to various at-home learning resources.

K-6 COVID-19 Enrichment Material
7-12 COVID-19 Enrichment Material